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vsat broadband

VSAT IP Broadband is a VSAT with Star topology, which uses the VSAT HUB as the NMC (Network Management Center) that regulates and controls the transmissions between the Hub with VSATs in remote locations. The data traffic from each VSAT is transmitted to the satellite, received by the Hub, and then forwarded to the Customer's Data Center through a Backhaul link. This process applies in reverse for the data traffic from the Customer's Data Center to a VSAT. Other than for data transmissions, Sanatel's VSAT IP Broadband may also be used for audio (VoIP - Voice over IP) and video transmissions.
Sanatel's VSAT IP Broadband is a perfect match for many real-time online applications that have a bursty nature. The transmission of burst data differs significantly from the data transmission done through file-transfer applications, in which the transfer of data in great volume continuously happens between the Client computer and the Server.

The VSAT IP Broadband provided by Sanatel has advanced QoS (Quality of Service) management, so that each Customer’s allocated bandwidth will not disturb other bandwidths. Furthermore, it is capable of assigning different priorities to different applications such as remote login (AS400 green screen, telnet), citrix, http, email, ftp, VoIP, etc.


This service is very suitable for companies and institutions from various business fields and activities, especially those that have many branch offices such as banking, financing, insurance, retail, distribution, and horticulture companies/institutions.

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