About VSAT ?

1. What is a VSAT ?
VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, which is a device that consists of several outdoor equipments - a parabola antenna - 1.8m or 2.4m or bigger, an LNA / LNB, an RF (radio frequency) signal amplifier, and an indoor equipment, i.e. a modem. The modem may also functions as a router.
The VSAT is normally installed in the branch office of a Customer that needs to have a communication access with its head office and/or its Data Center.

2. What is a VSAT HUB ?
The VSAT HUB is a system that controls and monitors all the installed VSATs, which simultaneously serves as a transit point for the data traffic from a VSAT to a Customer's Data Center, or - conversely - from a Customer's Data Center to a VSAT.

3. What applications use the VSAT ?
The VSAT network may be used for data, audio and video transmissions that utilize an IP (internet protocol). VSAT is a satellite-based technology, in which a propagation delay inevitably occurs due to the distance of the satellite from the earth's surface. Thus, an application that uses VSAT must be designed in such a way as to minimize the amount of back-and-forth transmissions between the Client computer and the Server.
Note : Sanatel's team of engineers will gladly help its Customers to evaluate this matter and provide them with the appropriate solution.

4. What is a backhaul link ?
A backhaul link is a communication link that connects the Hub with the Customer's Data Center. Sanatel co-operates with several large companies in providing such backhaul link as fiberoptic and microwave.

5. What is a Sun Outage ?
Sun Outage is a natural phenomenon in which the positions of the earth, the satellite, and the sun fall in one vertical line, which causes a high amount of thermal noise. That high thermal noise in turn causes a lot of errors in many data packets, so that they have to be retransmitted. In the worst case scenario, the transmission may be broken.

The Sun Outage occurs for approximately 8 (eight) consecutive days in the months of March and September of every year, and the duration of each thermal noise disturbance is only 2-5 minutes in the day that it occurs.

Two to three weeks before a Sun Outage occurs, Sanatel will inform all its Customers regarding the areas and times (dates, hour, and minute) of the occurrence of the Sun Outage, so that the Customers may make the necessary preparations.