Why PT. Sanatel ?

Network Reliability

Our VSAT service is capable of 24-Hour continuous operation for every day during the year. The VSAT telecommunication system has a significantly lower point-of-failure component, namely VSAT → Satelit → VSAT (HUB). Compare this with terrestrial-based (non-VSAT) communications, which has many connection points that may become points-of-failure in the transmission of data from a remote location to the data center. The VSAT only faces disruptions due to natural causes (Sun Outage) twice in a year, and these disruptions may be predicted in advance and only lasts for a few minutes.


Our Custumer Support and Help Desk is always ready to serve you 24 hours in a day, including holidays.

Availability of Service

The Sanatel VSAT service virtually covers 100% of the regions in Indonesia. It is virtually unheard of that a VSAT cannot be installed in a location, no matter how remote or difficult to reach that branch office may be.

Speed of Installation / Relocations

The installation of a VSAT Terminal at a location only requires 1-2 days since the device's arrival at a location.

Ease of Expansion

The VSAT System offered by Sanatel has an option for expansion that is in line with the Customer's business growth, whether in the form of a bandwidth increase, or the addition of VSAT Terminals.


The VSAT provides certain features that cannot be delivered by other (non-VSAT) solutions, such as the multicast transmission capability --which is very useful whenever the Customer needs to transmit a file of great size to all branch offices-- and the e-learning or video-streaming capabilities.

Monthly Report

Every Customer is entitled to receive a Monthly Report that contains the achievement of a Service Level in a month, the description of problems that may have occurred, along with how the problem was solved and what its root-causes were, as well as a report of network utilization, which will help the Customers to decide if they need to increase their network's bandwidth.